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Mitch, Owner – has been training with an exceptional, professional and personal touch for a long time. Almost as long as he has been telling great stories! Check him out and get not only the very best in technique, knowledge and results…but mix in a story or two so you won’t be stuck in a rut or reps. It’s the best of both worlds!

Michelle – One thing you’ll get (besides a wonderful smile and sculpted biceps) is a dynamic trainer packed with amazing technique and knowledge. You’ll be getting the right moves to ensure your success in training and fitness, no matter what your goals are. Ask for Michelle and get the experience training technique and results you are looking for . Book a training session online here.

July – July is focused on keeping you on track during your journey to health, or your journey to a more sculpted body. It really depends on what stage of fitness you are at. Urban Garage Gym isn’t just about how muscular you are – but also about how healthy you are and how much better your life will become once you gain new fitness levels. Book a training session online here.

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