Nutrition Guidance

Urban Garage Gym is a complete training facility. While we give you a deep personal training experience, we don’t just give you an exercise plan and send you on your way. We also have personalized, extensive nutrition plans available as an “add on” to training regimen.

After completing a questionnaire which outlines your concerns, fears, ambitions, and history, our trainers will provide a 45 minute consultation to determine what regimen is right for you.

Paired with your personal training or alone, our weekly consults provide a time to review your food diary and talk about progress. Similar to our personal training methodology, not every regimen is right for every body. Weekly sessions provide an opportunity to course correct, get encouragement and stay on track.

70% of a change in physique is going to come from your eating habits. Health is more than a compilation of eating, sleeping and exercising. A balanced, healthy life gives you the freedom to enjoy what’s around you. Knowing how to attain that freedom can be confusing and implementing it into everyday life can be overwhelming. Everyone needs encouragement, course correction, a strong support team and accountability to stay on track.

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